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“I’d recommend Seattle Voice Lab in a heartbeat to anybody looking to feminize their voice.”


MTF Students:

Paige Before

Paige After

Anonymous Before

Anonymous After

Keira Before

Keira After

H. Plewa Before

H. Plewa After

Yantis Before

Yantis After

SShontz Before

SShontz After

Sara Before

Sara After

Trista Before

Trista After

Ashlyn Before

Ashlyn After

Patricia Before

Patricia After

Kass Before

Kass After

“The program has worked wonders for reducing the dysphoria associated with my voice.”


FTM Students:

A. Gerhard Before

A. Gerhard After

“The amount of relief I get at work and in my daily life knowing that people hear me for who I am is beyond priceless.”


Androgynous Students:

Ian C. Before

Ian C. After

“As a Male to Female myself, it is refreshing to have someone who is so patient and knowledgeable in voice feminization technique.”


“Within the first two weeks, they gave me a hope I hadn’t felt before and brought me an incredible amount of confidence.”


“I worked for years through YouTube programs, apps, other coaches and, of course, endless repetition during my commute and times by myself. Until I started with Seattle Voice Lab, not much progress was made.”