Anthony Pinkerton


Hi! My name is Anthony Pinkerton (he/him) and I’m one of the voice teachers here at Seattle Voice Lab. I hold two degrees from Westminster Choir College, and I am also a certified yoga instructor. Throughout my classical voice training, I have had the humble privilege of studying with the co-founder of YogaVoice, Mark Moliterno, and just recently became a certified teacher of this practice. I can help you improve your voice by working with you to reach holistic vocal embodiment. This not only means achieving vocal qualities that feel uniquely you, but also guiding you to feel home in your voice and body, as they are not separate. Maybe you experience physical tension that you feel prohibits you from this, or maybe you have old patterns to unlearn and new ones to learn. Wherever you are in your journey, we will create a brave space where you are free to explore, so that your true voice can shine through.