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Male to Female Voice

Find Your True Feminine Voice with Our Individually Tailored Training Program

Over the last 7 years Seattle Voice Lab has developed a curriculum that works.

Our unique step-by-step approach demystifies the art of voice feminization, helping you to fully understand the capabilities of your voice, and providing you with the precise technical skills you need to succeed. Sign up for lessons and you’ll find that in the span of 6 lessons you have found your true feminine voice.

At Seattle Voice Lab we focus on the individual. We tailor each lesson to your specific needs and goals, and place special emphasis on your vocal health. We are passionately dedicated to this work, and are proud to have helped thousands of trans people to discover and embody their true voices. Sign up to start your journey today!

How Does Voice Feminization Work?

Voice feminization training is a system of physical exercises that gradually alter the way your voice is produced, thereby altering the way your voice sounds. Your voice is created by your vocal mechanism, a passageway inside your body that starts in your neck, goes up through your throat and mouth, and ends at your lips. Each time you speak or sing, your vocal mechanism performs specific movements that create the sound of your particular voice. Your mechanism is capable of creating a limitless array of vocal tones, however when it is untrained, it will simply produce the same voice that you have learned from daily repetition. At Seattle Voice Lab, we set your voice free from this rigid pattern! Our targeted exercises transform the function of your vocal mechanism, allowing you to discover a voice that is easeful, unique, and beautifully feminine.


Resonation is the process of amplification that your voice undergoes as it travels up through your vocal mechanism. As we discussed above, your vocal mechanism has the ability to change position, and its precise configuration will determine the quality of your resonation. Resonance is the complete tonal impression of your voice, it includes your pitch (how low or how high you sound), your timbre, and your vocal frequency range. Students new to voice feminization will often make the mistake of focusing too much on raising their pitch (speaking higher), while forgetting about their overall resonation. This can easily lead to straining, and mediocre results in feminization. Why? Because it does not address all the factors you need to create a convincing feminine resonance. Our program at Seattle Voice Lab is designed to address all aspects of your resonation, allowing you to achieve a voice that is feminine, as well as healthy.

Vocal Fold Mass

Your vocal folds are two pieces of mucosal tissue that are located inside your neck. When you speak air passes through your folds, causing them to vibrate. This vibration is the creation point of your voice. The vocal folds of an average cis-man are 20-30% thicker, and 60% longer than those of cis-women. This difference in vocal fold mass is one of the primary reasons that cis-men have deeper sounding voices. Since estrogen and antiandrogen therapy do not alter the size of your vocal folds, you can find your solution in voice training.

In trans voice training for voice feminization, we pay close attention to your vocal fold mass, which is how thick or thin your vocal folds are during vibration. If your folds are too thick, your voice will sound strained, heavy, and difficult to maintain. When your folds are thin, your voice will sound lighter, softer, more feminine, and will be more comfortable to maintain. At Seattle Voice Lab, this process is achieved by using targeted exercises to train your breath and the musculature that surrounds your vocal folds.


Our program at Seattle Voice Lab covers all the elements of your feminine voice, including style of speech, which is called prosody. Prosody consists of vocal embellishments, inflections, and subtle nuances that characterize feminine speech in the English language. The concept of prosody can be difficult to understand, and therefore hard to teach, but at Seattle Voice Lab we have broken it down into an approachable 5 step process. Your coach will use this precise method to help you learn new feminine speech patterns, while also guiding you to let go of masculine speech patterns. When needed, we bring in therapeutic counseling for extra support in this highly transformational process.

How Long Will it Take to Feminize my Voice?

At Seattle Voice Lab your training curriculum is split into three parts.

  • After 6-8 weeks you will find your unique feminine voice. You will learn all the techniques of voice feminization. At this point, you will be able to walk away with a thorough understanding of how to find and implement your feminine voice.
  • At 8-10 weeks, we add in guided practice and more nuanced layers of your feminine voice. Some examples of this work include learning to speak in different vocal styles such as a flirty voice, a loud voice, or training to maintain your voice through different emotions and activities.
  • At 10-12 weeks, we work on the implementation of your voice beyond Seattle Voice Lab. If needed, we will discuss any fears or worries that may be holding you back, and lay the game plan to move you forward.

Sometimes students will need additional coaching beyond the 12 week mark. This is usually the result of an individual needing more time to process the emotional component of voice training, or because they have a specific vocal difficulty that requires additional training to resolve. At Seattle Voice Lab we believe that each person has a unique journey to follow. You don’t have to worry if there are a few bumps in the road, we’ll be there for you every step of the way!

Seattle Voice Lab also has clients who choose to continue lessons long-term because of their profession, such as performers, podcasters, and public speakers.

Will I Sound Convincingly Feminine?

Yes! Our program is specifically designed to address all aspects that contribute to your convincing feminine voice. If you’d like to hear some inspiring befores-and-afters of Seattle Voice Lab students, click here.

Let’s Get Started!

Special Considerations for Male to Female Transgender People

Male-to-female transgender people are at greater risk of vocal injury if their coaching is done incorrectly. As we discussed above, too much thickness in your vocal fold mass can cause your voice to become strained. This can happen quite easily if you are too focused on getting your voice to sound higher without paying attention to your overall vocal resonance. At Seattle Voice Lab, we place a strong focus on your vocal health, as we believe that confidence and comfort in your new voice are best achieved with healthy vocal technique.

I’ve Plateaued, Now What?

Hitting a plateau can be a very frustrating experience. At Seattle Voice Lab our coaches are trained to deal with this specific issue. The good news is that plateaus are common, and are usually broken by addressing straightforward issues in your vocal technique, or by reworking your practice regime. You can rest easy knowing that our highly trained staff is dedicated to moving you forward, and is fully equipped to deal with any challenges along the way.

How Do I Use My Voice Full Time?

Using your voice full time may feel challenging. You may be completely confident in your voice sometimes, but find that everything goes out the window at other times! One of the best ways to work through this struggle is to double down on your practice. The voice training at Seattle Voice Lab is a sturdy bedrock for you to stand upon. It is a process that conditions you both mentally and physically, and the stronger you are in your training, the more you will be able to call on your skills in challenging situations.


Consistent and dedicated practice is absolutely crucial to your successful voice feminization. At Seattle Voice Lab your coach will outline a practice regime that is tailored to your specific needs. The more you give to your practice, the more you’ll get out of it, and your coach will be there to guide you through every challenge.


At Seattle Voice Lab we are dedicated to achieving your short-term and long-term results. We offer a wide range of support options, many of which are free!

Five step process for self-maintenance. After completing the curriculum, our vocal feminization technique will be narrowed down into a five-step process that you can carry with you for the rest of your life!

No commitment consults and post-grad check ins. Book a single session with a Seattle Voice Lab coach. This is a great option if you’re a self-taught person, or a post-curriculum student looking for a tune up. These sessions offer guided practice and/or instruction, and are tailored to your specific needs.

Free classes on Discord! We have group classes, group feedback, and practice nights all free of charge, even if you are not a student at Seattle Voice Lab. We also offer free office hours for current students and post-grads. Click here to join our Discord!

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