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Androgynous Voice

Find Your True Androgynous Voice with Our Individually Tailored Training Program

At Seattle Voice Lab your enby voice journey will be completely unique. There is no “one way” or “right way” to sound androgynous. The beauty of your voice is that it sounds like you. You decide what you like or don’t like, we give you the tools and help you get there. Our program teaches you what makes a voice sound androgynous while giving you freedom to explore and choose what you want. When you work with us, there is no predestined result that we will force you into; our only goal is that you walk away with a voice that truly represents you.

We understand how vital voice training is to your euphoria and to trans people of all walks of life. For this reason, we are proud to offer you a program that works. Our tried and true curriculum demystifies the art of androgynous voice training and puts the power in your hands. Sign up today and join thousands of successful students who have found their true voices with Seattle Voice Lab.

How to get an Androgynous Voice

Trans voice training for your androgynous voice is a system of physical exercises that change the way you use your voice, thereby transforming the way your voice sounds. Your voice is created by your vocal mechanism, a passage inside your body that starts in your neck, goes up through your mouth, and ends at your lips. Exposure to the hormone testosterone will cause physical changes to occur inside the vocal mechanism, and this is the primary reason that cis-gendered male voices sound different from cis-gendered female voices. In trans voice training, we use targeted exercises to amend these physical differences, transforming the sound of your voice with or without the use of HRT (hormone replacement therapy). When done correctly this is a completely healthy process that allows for easeful development of your voice. At Seattle Voice Lab, we use an individually tailored curriculum for non-binary voice training. Each enby person will be taught according to their unique goals and needs.


Resonance is the process that creates the sound of your unique voice, and it is the reason that no two voices sound exactly the same. It includes your pitch (how low or how high your voice sounds), your vocal timbre, and your frequency range. For this reason, it will have a fundamental impact on how the gender of your voice is perceived. Inside your body there are three resonance chambers that your voice passes through. These chambers are alterable, and depending on how they are used, the resonance of your voice will change. In trans voice training for androgyny you will learn to control your resonance chambers, thereby transforming the gender presentation of your voice. The beauty of this process is that it is entirely fluid. It allows you to experiment with every quality along the gender spectrum, choosing what best suits you along the way.

Vocal Fold Mass

Your vocal folds are two pieces of mucosal tissue that are located inside your neck. They are located below the resonance chambers, and are the creation point of your voice. As you speak and sing air travels through your vocal folds and causes them to vibrate; this vibration is the first step of your tone generation. In trans voice training we pay close attention to your vocal fold mass, which is how thick or thin your folds are during vibration. If your folds are in a thick position your voice will sound deeper, fuller, and more masculine. If they are in a thin position, your voice will sound smaller, lighter, and more feminine. At Seattle Voice Lab we help you to develop control over your fold mass with vocal muscular training and breath work. This will allow you to increase or decrease your fold mass at will, and consciously shape the sound of your unique voice.


Beyond resonance and vocal fold mass is a component of speech training called prosody. Prosody is your style of speech. It consists of patterns of stress, intonation, (movement up and down), and subtle nuances that you use while speaking. In the English language there are prosody qualities that are commonly perceived as more feminine or more masculine, which makes prosody a crucial component for developing your unique androgynous voice. With this work you’ll be able to play with the subtlest layers of gendered tone, mixing and matching different elements. Our goal at Seattle Voice Lab is to help you experience the wonderful possibilities of your voice, and to empower you to choose what is right for you.

How Long Will it Take?

Your curriculum at Seattle Voice Lab is 12 weeks long, and is broken up into three sections.

  • 6-8 weeks: You will learn all the basic techniques of voice training, and how they can be used to your advantage. 
  • 8-10 weeks: In this phase you will learn to implement these techniques in your everyday speaking voice, and learn to comfortably “code switch. 
  • 10-12 weeks: You’ll gain freedom in your voice, and understand how to make these changes permanent.  

Will I Sound Convincing?

Yes! Our program addresses all aspects of your androgynous voice, so whatever your goals are, we know how to get you there.

What Is Considered the Androgynous Vocal Range?

Generally, the range of an androgynous sounding voice is from 145 Hz-175 Hz. However these parameters are not set in stone. With training in resonance, prosody, and a bit more knowledge about your voice and its capabilities, you can stretch your range in either direction.

Starting From a Feminine Voice

If you’re starting from a feminine voice we will begin with our voice masculinization curriculum. This technique will help you to cultivate gender qualities towards the masculine end of the spectrum. This step is vital in teaching you the breath work and muscular control that is needed in androgynous voice training. It will also allow you to experience the full range of your voice, and to decide which qualities you like best. This training is always done with a strong emphasis on your vocal health. When done incorrectly, masculinization training can make your voice strained and difficult to maintain. At Seattle Voice Lab we will never coach you to do something harmful. We believe that vocal health is the key to developing your relaxed, confident, and happy voice.

The next stage of your training will be extremely student led. Based on your choices, we will help you to develop and strengthen your new unique voice. This is a wonderfully beautiful process because it allows all the dimensions of your individual spirit to shine through your voice. In the final weeks of your training we will teach you to make your new voice permanent, and show you how to implement it outside of your lessons.

Starting From a Masculine Voice

If you’re starting from a masculine voice you will begin with our voice feminization curriculum. This training will help you to expand your vocal abilities towards the feminine pole of the gender spectrum. This part of the process is crucial because it teaches you the breath work and muscular control that is needed for androgynous voice training. It will also allow you to experience a new variety of gendered tone, and to choose what you like best. This work is always founded in our strong commitment to your vocal health. When done incorrectly, feminization training can cause you to experience strain, vocal problems, and an unsustainable voice. At Seattle Voice Lab our coaches will never advise you to do anything harmful. We believe that your health is the key to developing your most authentic, and confident voice.

The next stage of your training will be tailored around your specific choices. Your coach will help you to identify which gender qualities you like, and then train you to strengthen each aspect. At the end of this process you will have found an androgynous voice that is uniquely you! In the final stage, we will teach you how to make your new voice permanent, and how to implement it outside of your voice lessons.

Let’s Get Started!

Coaching for Androgynous Singing

In androgynous singing lessons you’ll learn to create a nonbinary expression outwardly that is in line with the real you. You may fall in love with a singing voice that sits firmly at one point along the gender spectrum, or you may find that your true voice is more fluid. For a fluid approach, you’ll learn to switch between different gendered voices that are each uniquely you, even in the same song. This is particularly helpful if you want to sing a song with yourself using various ways of being perceived.

Special Considerations for Non-binary People

Androgynous voice comes in many shapes and sizes, and each non-binary person needs both freedom and support to find their own authentic voice. You may already know exactly what type of voice you’re looking for, or you might not know until you experience it for the first time! Each enby person goes through voice training differently, and at Seattle Voice Lab we believe that your individuality is vital to finding your true voice. We want you to sound like you, and we are dedicated to helping you get there.

I’ve Plateaued, Now What?

Hit a plateau? You’ve come to the right place! The curriculum at Seattle Voice Lab is specifically structured to break through learning blocks and get you where you want to go. Plateaus often come up because of problems in your vocal technique, or issues in your practice regimen. Your coach will be able to identify exactly what’s causing the issue and help you to break through! 

How Do I Use My Voice Full Time?

Our goal at Seattle Voice Lab is to help you bring your new voice into the world with confidence. Sometimes this can be challenging, and new students can falter when implementing their voices if their technique isn’t solid. The answer to this predicament is simple: lean into your training! Our program for androgynous voice is designed to condition you both physically and mentally. You’ll gain strength and fortitude with each passing lesson, and the more you practice, the more you’ll be able to confidently call on your skills in challenging situations.


Practice is absolutely vital to your success in androgynous voice training. But it’s not just how much you practice, it’s how you practice. At Seattle Voice lab your coach will create a practice regime that is tailored to your needs. You’ll know exactly what you need to do to make your practice count, and to ensure that you can maintain a strong, healthy voice for the rest of your life.


At Seattle Voice Lab we know that successful voice maintenance is key to your happiness. We offer a broad array of support options, many of which are free!

Your customized process for self-maintenance: After you complete the 12 week curriculum, your training will be broken down into a simple step-by-step process that you can use to maintain the quality of your voice long term. Your teacher will create this customized technique based on your unique needs and desires.

Non-commitment consults and post grad check ins: You can book a single session with a Seattle Voice Lab coach. This is a great option if you’re self-taught, or if you’re a post-curriculum grad looking for a tune up.

Join us on Discord! We have group classes, practice nights, and group feedback all available for free, even if you are not a Seattle Voice Lab student. We also have office hours open for current students and post grads. Click here to join our discord!

Let’s Work Together

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