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Male to Female

Over the last 7 years the Seattle Voice Lab has developed a curriculum that works. Sign up for lessons with Seattle Voice Lab and you’ll find that in the span of 6 lessons you’ll have found your feminine voice. The structure you will use will be narrowed down into a simple 5 step process that you can carry with you for the rest of your life! Once you’ve signed up, you will never have to think about your voice again, we got your back.

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Female to Male

With or without testosterone your voice will be masculine! By signing up for lessons with the Seattle Voice Lab, you are signing on with a TEAM of teachers who have spent years developing a curriculum that will make your voice masculine. Sign on to the waitlist and in 6 to 8 lessons, your voice will carry with it a masculine tone that fits you. Want it deeper? Together, we’ll make it sound deeper. Want it more commanding? Together, it’ll be more commanding. Sign on to the waitlist and you’ll finally sound like you.

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Our approach doesn’t tell you how to be. Signing on for lessons at the Seattle Voice Lab means that your voice is what you choose it to be! Want it a little more ambiguous? How about nudging it more masculine or feminine; for you it might just depend on the day. Fluidity and androgyny is what you’ll learn with our curriculum. Sometimes you may feel like using a voice that is just you, not the one society expects it to be. We know how it be. Sign up, and in 6-8 weeks, you’ll know how it be too.

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You know your voice is bigger, so why aren’t you progressing? The Seattle Voice Lab has a team of teachers who challenge outdated practices to get your voice sounding like you want it to be. Sign up for lessons and you’ll have a shorter waitlist than our speech students, you’ll also find that a curriculum has been built to teach you all the way to actually change your voice in the ways you see fit. Get on the waitlist and you’ll be singing your way through tunes in no time.

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