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Seattle Voice Lab Courses

Seattle Voice Lab is excited to unveil a new series of courses designed specifically for voice professionals who work with transgender and non-binary clients.

Deepen Your Knowledge and Support:

  • LGBTQIA+ History & Terminology: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the LGBTQIA+ community’s rich history, focusing on trans movements and the evolution of key terminology.
  • Creating Inclusive Voice Studios: Learn best practices for fostering a safe and affirming space for trans and non-binary students.
  • The Nuances of Trans Speech & Singing: Explore the unique vocal considerations for transgender clients, including both speech and singing techniques.

Ongoing Support and Community:

  • Exclusive Online Community: Upon course completion, join our vibrant online community to connect with fellow instructors, share best practices, and ask questions.
  • Expanding Course Library: Stay tuned as we continuously add new courses to address evolving needs within the trans voice training community.

Elevate your skills and empower your students to find their authentic voice. Enroll in Seattle Voice Lab’s new course series today!

Pre-Orders will be unlocked on 6/25/2024, until then the content of the courses will be locked.

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Speech Bundle

This bundle includes three courses:

  • Understanding Trans Experiences
  • Trans Respect and Inclusivity
  • Trans Voice and Speech

Singing Bundle

This bundle includes three courses:

  • Understanding Trans Experiences
  • Trans Respect and Inclusivity
  • Trans Voice and Singing

Course Catalog

Trans Respect and Inclusivity

Want to be a better ally to the transgender community? This course equips you with the tools to navigate conversations with confidence and create truly inclusive spaces.

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Go beyond the binary:

  • Intersectionality in Action: Explore the diverse experiences within the transgender community and how to be a mindful ally.
  • The Power of Pronouns: Master pronoun usage and understand its significance in creating a respectful environment.
  • Building Bridges, Not Walls: Learn practical strategies to foster inclusivity and make everyone feel welcome.

Understanding Needs, Building Support:

  • Mental Health and Wellbeing: Examine the unique mental health challenges faced by transgender individuals, and learn how to be a supportive ally who promotes well-being.
  • Neurodiversity and Identity: Explore the connection between neurodiversity and transgender experiences, fostering understanding and creating inclusive learning environments for all.

This course empowers you to:

  • Become a champion for transgender rights and representation.
  • Navigate conversations about gender identity with ease.
  • Cultivate a safe space where everyone can thrive.

Understanding Trans Experiences

Want to support transgender students in finding their perfect voice? This course unlocks the key to creating a truly transformative learning experience.

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Go beyond the basics:

  • Empathy through Experience: Explore the common experiences of transgender students, including the impact of surgeries, hormones, and dysphoria, on their vocal journeys.
  • Building the Voice Team: Understand the roles of different healthcare professionals like voice coaches, ENTs, and SLPs, and how they collaborate to empower your students.
  • Unveiling the Voice: Learn how these experiences influence vocal training. Gain the knowledge to guide your students towards achieving their desired vocal expression.

This course empowers you to:

  • Become a more informed and supportive voice coach for transgender clients.
  • Foster a safe and inclusive learning environment.
  • Help individuals unlock their authentic voice and confidence.

Trans Voice and Speech

Empower your students to express themselves authentically through their voice! This course delves into the core principles of vocal feminization and masculinization, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to guide your trans and non-binary clients effectively.

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Unveiling the Vocal Mechanism:

  • Breath Support: Explore the foundation of healthy and versatile voice production. Learn how to teach proper breath control techniques for optimal vocal control.
  • Resonance: Unpack the science behind resonance and its impact on vocal quality. Discover how to guide your students in shaping their resonance for a more feminine or masculine presentation.
  • Vocal Anatomy: Gain a detailed understanding of the vocal mechanism. This knowledge will inform your teaching approach and help students achieve their desired vocal modifications with ease.

Beyond the Basics:

  • Articulation and Intonation: Master the nuances of articulation and intonation patterns associated with both feminine and masculine speech. Learn how to help your students adjust these elements for a more natural and authentic sound.
  • Vocal Hygiene and Exercises: Equip yourself with a comprehensive toolbox of vocal exercises designed to improve vocal health and support the transition process.

By the end of this course, you’ll be well-equipped to guide your transgender and non-binary students on their journey towards achieving their desired vocal goals. You’ll gain the confidence to create a truly inclusive and empowering learning experience for all.

Trans Voice and Singing

Elevate your teaching practice and empower trans singers to find their authentic voice. This course equips you with the specialized knowledge and techniques to guide transgender singers on their unique vocal journeys.

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Understanding the Transgender Singing Voice:

  • Register and Resonance: Explore the differences in vocal register (chest, head, mix) for transfeminine and transmasculine singers. Discover techniques to help students achieve their desired vocal quality and resonance.
  • Vocal Fold Considerations: Delve into the impact of hormone therapy on the vocal folds for both transfeminine and transmasculine singers. Learn how to tailor your teaching approach to accommodate these individual vocal changes.
  • Melodic Range and Tessitura: Grasp the concept of melodic range and tessitura (comfortable singing range) in the context of trans singers. Learn how to identify suitable repertoire that complements their evolving vocal abilities.

Beyond Technique: Building Confidence:

  • Repertoire Selection: Guide singers in choosing music that aligns with their vocal goals, preferred genre, and emotional expression. Learn how to navigate the challenges of finding appropriate representation for trans singers in existing repertoire.
  • Performance Anxiety Management: Explore techniques specifically tailored to help trans singers manage performance anxiety. Foster a supportive learning environment that celebrates individuality and empowers students to embrace their voices on stage.

This course equips you to become a valuable resource for your trans students, helping them unlock their full vocal potential and navigate the world of singing with confidence and self-expression.

Partner Courses

Seattle Voice Lab is proud to announce the launch of our Partner Course program! These innovative courses are developed by industry professionals and delivered by our experienced team at Seattle Voice Lab. Course creators will share a portion of the revenue, ensuring a collaborative and high-quality learning experience for our participants. We welcome your course ideas! Contact us today to learn more.

Trans 101

A Dive into Trans History & Identity

This course unlocks the history of transgender people and their ongoing fight for equality.

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In partnership Dany Gonzalez, Seattle Voice Lab is proud to present its first partner course course. Trans 101 delves into the narrative of the LGBTQIA+ community, with a particular focus on the evolution of the trans rights movement.

Through engaging exploration, you will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the LGBTQIA+ community’s history.
  • Explore the development and significance of key terminology within the community.
  • Analyze how language has shifted alongside pivotal historical events.

This course will equip you with valuable knowledge and foster a deeper appreciation for the ongoing fight for equality.