Kris Tyson, (formerly Chris) a prominent member and host of the extremely popular MrBeast YouTube channel, entrusted Seattle Voice Lab to help them find their authentic voice. Kris’s transformative journey is a testament to the effectiveness of our program. With Claire Michelle’s expert guidance and the comprehensive curriculum at Seattle Voice Lab, Kris found her voice within just 8 weeks and began using it authentically after 12 weeks.

A note from Claire at Seattle Voice Lab –

It’s not often I see clients like Kris. Arriving in the session, Kris immediately greeted me with a big smile and enthusiastic attitude, she was ready. There is a point in every transition where all the stars align, and I was lucky enough to meet Kris then. We didn’t really speak much about personal things, I know how important privacy is to people with a large following. Really our first session is all about getting things going, time is a virtue after all. Regardless of our lack of small talk, I felt like we connected.

People see me for all manner of different vocal goals, sometimes it’s minor tweeks before a role like with actress Jen Richards in 2021 or maybe it’s just to get some vocal clarity like I did with Tommy Dorfman from Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why. When people work with me I simply meet them where they stand, I ensure they leave getting exactly what they need, not more, not less. 

Kris’ goals however were to go from one side of the binary to the other, vocally speaking. Kris approached voice training with the utmost trust in me after a referral from F1nn5ter, an English gaming YouTuber. This trust combined with far reaching unreserved goals allowed her the privilege of a passable voice and one that she was happy with. 

In every lesson there is a point where things click, the voice you’ve been using sounds like yours for the very first time. It’s euphoric! It’s you, authentically you. For the first time the fog lifts and you can actually see all that it is you want to accomplish. It is at this point where your work really begins, because there is nothing holding you back and you are free to let go. This is where the fun begins. 

I’m at a point in my career now where clients like Kris are becoming more commonplace; I’ve learned a lot from her and many others. As a teacher of voice I am always learning, always finding new ways to approach the art of teaching, and always finding innovative methods to deliver this information in the easiest most efficient way. It is not fair that trans people have to go through voice training, but, if you’re anything like me, you’ll find that the voice on the other side is so worth it. 

Working with Kris was, and continues to be, a wonderful experience. I hope you find it as wonderful as she has and I would love for you to entrust me with your voice. 

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Seattle Voice Lab has a proven track record of success, with over 7 years of experience in empowering thousands of trans and non-binary individuals to discover their authentic voice. Our tailored curriculum goes well beyond theoretical concepts, focusing on practical tools and exercises that yield tangible results.

Our proven curriculum, expert guidance, and ongoing support will empower you to navigate your voice change journey with ease and authenticity. Don’t let your voice hold you back any longer. Sign up for voice lessons with Seattle Voice Lab today and change your voice. 

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